GreenWorks 25012 reviewIf you are looking for something perfect for your lawn then you should go through GreenWorks 25012 review. These Best GreenWorks Lawn Mowers are known to be one of the amazing things you can ever have in your home. This is one of the marvellous product ever manufactured by GreenWorks. This product does not use even a single trace of carbon. You can even test these Best Lawn Mowers on the purchase. This lawn mower will never release even a bit of carbon when it is turned on. And that is why GreenWorks guarantees for the safety of your family health with this product in your home. Plus they also provide you with the 4 years money back guarantee, as if at any point you feel that this product is not safe or if there is any damage in the product then according to the requirement the product or the parts will be replaced for free.

GreenWorks 25012 review Briefly

Environment Friendly

And from here you can recognize that how much GreenWorks trust this product, that they are taking up such a huge risk. As for the other manufacturers, they would simply offer the warranty of just 2 years, which is necessary according to the standards of the market. While in this case, the time limit of warranty is twice due to its reliability. There is no compromise in this product according to GreenWorks 25012 Review. Plus even the fuel consumption is very low, and now once you have filled it up with gas, then it would go a long way up. There are at least 54 million of people who own a house with a lawn or backyard. And most of them use the gas filled lawn mowers, which means all of them together are using 800 gallons of gas each year, which is more than expected. And this is really a huge wastage of fuel.

Powerful Electric Motor

Whereas Greenworks aim to manufacture just nature-friendly products, so all of their products are electrically operated. This lawn mower is equipped with an electric motor which consumes 12 amperes of current. And this motor is powerful enough to cut off the grass from any type of land. If the land is uneven then even you can adjust the height of the mower according to your requirement. There are basically 5 steps of heights available in it. Rubber tires of 7inches at every side helps out the mower to move smoothly on the uneven path.See our list of all best greenworks lawn mowers or see the buyer’s guide of all best lawn mowers by all the brands of market.


As for the people who are lazy enough to get up and get the gas for the mower or take the mower to the gas station, then for those, this is the best piece of cake for them. This mower comes with an instructions manual so that you can learn all the basics about it. As in a GreenWorks 25012 Review you will find out that a person purchased this model from Lowes, but it was defective. And now customer care is not cooperating with him. So Greenworks need to do some serious work on their customer support.