Black & decker are great manufacturers of lawn mowers. Each and every product they offer held up-to standard. Here we have gathered details of some of the best ever lawn mowers offered by Black & Decker. Reading the following details you ca better judge that this is the best lawn mowers manufacturer. Black & decker are the pioneers of power tools & DIY industry. They have been offering land mowers for years that are of various types. From small to large sized and with varying features. There are self-propelled lawn mowers that are efficient at cleaning all kinds of lawns and cutting all kinds of grasses.Below are the all best Black & Decker Lawn Mowers.

Best Black & Decker Lawn Mowers

best Black & Decker Lawn Mowers

These best mowers from Black & decker allow mulching, bagging as well as rear discharging of grass. These come with features for adjustment of speed of the mower as per walking speed. These have also features for adjusting speed of blade. Batteries that provide power for removing grass are of different volts. These batteries of top rated black & decker lawn mowers provide enough power to complete the entire cleaning process. An important feature of these lawn mowers from Black & Decker is that these can cover any kind of lawns with any kind of grass. Batteries are removable and lawn mowers come with more than one battery so that battery replaced can be charged.

You will always have one battery spared for your task. All of the lawn mowers are convenient to move throughout the garden beds & in multiple directions. You just need to hold the handle and move it in the direction where cleaning is required. Power will be provided from batteries and within a short time you will be done with grass cutting throughout the lawn area. Using a top rated lawn mower from Black & decker you will get better weight balancing, easy handling and much better control over work.


This black + Decker MTE912 lawn mower offers ultimate convenience for small yards. It comes with great versatility for cleaning such gardens. It is an innovative product that is basically a three in one trimmer. This mower is capable of 3 types of landscaping functioning by single & compact tool. It is basically an ideal lawn mower that is a great strong trimmer as well. It is great edger for all kinds of homes with many types of small yards that measure up-to 1,200 sq. ft. This great Black + Decker MTE912 lawn cleaner is equally good for small inclines as well as areas that are difficult to access. It perfectly suits home that have limited storage spaces. This one form Black + Decker comes with 6.5AMP motor and is a corded version. There is also a choice for cordless if you are comfortable without cord. It is a good Black + Decker MTE convertible mower that can be used as a mower, edger or trimmer. Consistent power is delivered by gear drive when need arises for different grass types. Height is adjustable with 2 deck adjustments from 1.6-2.4 inch. This top rated lawn grass cleaner has automatic feed spooling feature that ensures continuous working without any bumping.Read the full BLACK+DECKER MTE912 Review.


This one from Black & Decker is a 3-in-1 tool that can be converted as per needs. Convertible options are mower, edger and trimmer. It has an automatic AFS feed system. This system ensures that it works continuous without bumps & any stopping. Great Black & Decker MTC220 grass cleaner comes with power driving transmission that prevents the bogging down till grass cleaning is done. Deck height can be adjusted. Height of trimmer & pivoting handle can also be adjusted. There are 2 batteries included in the package to ensure extended use. This good MTC22 lawn mower comes with ultimate versatility. There is a durable base deck that has 4 wheels. These wheels secure this trimmer plus edger with the 12 inches cutting swath. With its foot-pedal release it allows quick insertion & removal of edger/trimmer while moving it for mowing purposes or for edging or trimming. This deck also has 2 adjustments for height so that you can raise or lower all its 4 wheels. Gear driving transmission helps in maintaining constant speed without bogging down during trimming. AFS system gives automatic & continuous line advancement. Top rated MTC220 Black & Decker is a lightweight land mower with an ergonomic design and adjustable handle positions. This design provides maximum control and comfort.Read the full BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Review.



This Black & decker MM2000 is the great MM2000 lawn mower with cool and innovative features. There is a 20 inches wider cutting path. There are 7 adjustments available for height as per cutting needs. This adjustment can be at multiple 6 positions from 1 ½ inches to 4 inches depending upon the height of grass. Carrying handle is very convenient to hold. There is a collection bag made of nylon for collecting gas up-to 13 gallons capacity. This is the great mm2000 corded mower that comes with 13 AMP powered battery. This battery is enough to provide for its functioning. Its push mower is electric that provides reliable cleaning ability. It starts immediately without any delay. Its 12 AMP powerful motor provides enough power for mulching, side discharging as well as bagging. Top rated Black & Decker MM2000 mower is designed for cutting up-to edges of fencing & flower beds. It over all provides a manicured and clean lawn faster. Its cutting patch is 20 inches wider with seven height adjustments. This allows selecting height for cutting between 1.5’’ to 4 inch. There is a convenient carrying handle as well that facilitates easy transport & storage.Read the full BLACK & DECKER MM2000 Review.


BLACK+DECKER EM1500 15-Inch Corded

This is the best Black & Decker EM1500 is a corded lawn mower that has come with efficient cutting power. It has corded power to give maximum convenience caring for yard cleaning. It comes with the Edge Max that starts easily by pressing a button. It offers a smarter and non-massive alternative for gas powered cleaners for lawn grass. This will save your time by removal of frustration that comes from pulling cords. Mixing of gas & oil is troublesome and this good lawn mower will eliminate this need. You will also get rid of tripping to gas stations as well need for engine maintenance. It features 10AMP motor with 15 inches deck that is quite lightweight. It cuts within range of one to 3 inch. It has a single lever which allows height adjustment. This lever can be lowered or raised for adjusting all 4 wheels at the same time. Cutting edge is durable & lightweight that never rusts. Most popular Em1500 corded mower is also very convenient to clean. In order to store it easily, handle of this mower folds down for a nice fit within small spaces of garages and sheds. It is a worth using lawn mower.Read the full BLACK+DECKER EM1500 Review.



This Black Decker model CM2043C mower is a great lawn grass remover. It is powered by 40 Volt lithium batteries. This battery gives double time per recharge. It has one lever that allows adjustment of height anywhere between 1.5 to 4 inches. It comes with three in one configuration that allows mulching of clippings, bagging them as well as discharging out. This is a great mower that allows mowing right up-to the edges. Great CM2043C lawn mower requires less time for trimming due to its edging max design. It has an easy to fold handle that can be folded for easy and compact storage. It has cutting swath of 20 inch. Cutting heights are adjustable from 1.5 inches to 4 inches and anywhere in between. Its battery voltage gives enough power of 40V for cleaning the grass. Nominal voltage for grass cutting is 36 volt. Top rated cm2043C grass mower is a very easy to assemble product that is easy to operate as well. It is incredibly lightweight as well. It has metal wheel-rods with a push handle. Battery charging takes 3 hours but when done it is enough for cleaning the entire lawn. For your grass cutting needs, this most popular lawn mower from Black & Decker is great.Read the full BLACK+DECKER CM2043C Review.



This is the top rated Black & Decker CM1640 lawn mower that is specifically designed for efficient cutting. It is a cordless convenience to cut the grass growing in your lawn. It is ideal for small yards with maximum area of 1/8 acre. It weighs only 38 pounds and is quite a lightweight thing to get mowing done. Best Black & decker CM1640 16 inch is a compact & easily maneuverable mower that is great for cutting grass without any extra effort. It is powered by a 40 volt MAX battery of Lithium ion. There are 2 batteries in the package that together give 30 minutes of working. Starting this mower from Black & decker is quite easy and requires pressing a button only. This most popular Cm1640 grass mower is a smart and non-messy mower that is great alternative to those powered by gas. It is a hassle free mowing machine that saves time as it eliminates the frustrating cord pulling. It is also maintenance free.  Deck of this good CM1640 lawn mower is 16 inch and is ideally suitable for small yards. It is a durable & lightweight cutter that never rusts and is also very easily cleanable.Read the full BLACK+DECKER CM1640 Review.


BLACK+DECKER CM2040 40V Lithium 3

Best Black & Decker CM2040 is packed with 2 40V lithium batteries. It is a cordless mower that is of 20 inches. It has the power & runtime required for tackling tough mowing areas in the lawn. It features easy three in one machine that is capable of side discharging, bagging and mulching. It provides edge cutting up-to the mark. Its running motor can be run at variable speed for conserving batteries for extra runtime and efficiency. It has a nylon storage bag that is capable of filling up-to 15 gallons. Height can be adjusted to 6 settings. All height adjustments levels are easy to do and can be done at various 6 levels from 1.5 to 4 inch. These levels are good for cutting all grass types. Top Black & Decker CM 2040 is based on an auto-sense technology that determines grass` thickness and then makes adjustments to power as per needs for cutting that grass. In case grass is thicker, great CM2040 mower`s level kicks to higher power levels whereas in case of lighter grass, it is lowered automatically to save battery and enjoy enhanced runtime. It is a smart mower to complete lawn cleaning.Read full BLACK+DECKER CM2040 Review here.


BLACK+DECKER CM2060C 60V Max Power

Another one form Black & decker is this CM 2060C model with Max power. This is a 20 inches power mower that features great benefits. It comes with feature of power swapping which allows quickly swapping of batteries with push button. There is also auto-sense technology with which it performs as per length of grass. This feature saves time and battery. This great CM2060C 60V mower includes 2.5 AH batteries that gives double running time per charge. Height adjustment is also a benefit which allows it cutting at 6 different heights from 1 1/3 to 4 inch. It is easy to control low or high grass when you have this good Black & Decker cutter. It comes with 3 configurations that allow mulching, bagging and discharging sides. There is also indicator of charge on this best grass cutter. There is a handle that folds in a compact form. Cutting swath is 20 inches whereas multiple cutting heights allow for easy cutting of all length grass. It ideally covers area of 1/3 acre. It comes with 2 batteries that also have a charger to easily charge batteries. If you are worried about grass grown in your lawn, you need this grass cutter every day.Read full BLACK+DECKER CM2060C Review.


BLACK+DECKER EM1700 17-Inch Corded

Last one in our collection of best Black & Decker mowers is this EM1700 corded mower. It is basically a corded mower that features six different settings for adjusting height. Cutting path measures 17 inch. It has a single lever that is easily adjustable so that you can cut between 1 1/10th & 3 1/10th grass heights. This means that grass in your lawn will be cut easily. It easily cleans the grass closer enough to give a very neat look. Design is of this unit is low profiled that is ideal style to access areas under obstacles and shrubs. With its easily usable and compact design it is capable of collecting up-to 25 percent more grasses for the lesser emptying. There is complete wrap bale-bar that allows easy actuation. There are 2 options for grass bag. Grass bag in this top rated lawn mower can either be made of plastic or cloth depending upon availability. With its efficient sense technology it easily judges required length of the blade to cut grass. It is a compact and easy to move machine for all types of grasses. It is a hassle free method by which you can cut grass all-around with very less time as compared to conventional grass cutters.Read the full Black + Decker EM1700 Review.