GreenWorks 25062 reviewGreenWorks 25062 review will let you know all about these amazing and Best GreenWorks Lawn Mowers. When GreenWorks started this company, since then their aim was to introduce total environment-friendly products. As we have seen clearly that how smoke and other chemicals are destroying this world, and especially the ozone layer is damaged to a greater extent just due to these harmful products. So they decided to bring up something new and eco-friendly. And then they came up with the idea of these Best Lawn Mowers which are the perfect example of green products. Each and every mower which they have manufactured is guaranteed to be safe for the family and other people in the surrounding. And just to assure these Green Works provide you with four years of the product warranty. So that if at any point in these four years you can prove or realize that there is something wrong with the lawn mower then it will be repaired or replaced for free.

GreenWorks 25062 Review Briefly

Best Quality Product

And from here you can imagine about the quality of Green Works products. As per the standards of the industry, it is necessary to provide the warranty of a minimum of two years. But Green Works even challenge all of their product buyers about the quality of products and parts manufactured by them. GreenWorks 25062 review also reveals that this is an electrically powered lawnmower, and it runs on the batteries provided to you in the package. You will get the batteries, instructions manual, and the charger in the package if you will buy it from the Lowes, as it is the store to provide you with the best price. And if you are thinking that these battery-powered mowers cannot give enough power as the gas-powered mowers, then you are totally wrong.

Eco-Friendly Product

These are not just eco-friendly products but they are also more powerful than any of the gas-powered mowers. And with the introduction of these type of Best Lawn Mowers, The United States of America can save 800 million gallons of gas every year. And no doubt even the design of this mower is much more attractive than those traditional gas lawn mowers. In most of the lawn mowers, the width of the cutting is less, and that is why it consumes more time to complete the task, while in the GreenWorks 25062 review you can easily find out that it has a width of 18 inches which would get the work as quickly as possible. And for the easy cutting at uneven paths, there is 10 inch of front wheels which lets the lawnmower move easily.

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Minus Points

But about the customer service, it is really worst, as there are many complaints came forward in the reviews about bad customer service. Plus the grass catcher is also not enough to fit with the deck easily. And these are the main minus points of this product. Besides this, it is a good product to be used for small sized lawns.