If you have ever read GreenWorks 25322 review, then you would get assured that these are the Best GreenWorks Lawn Mowers ever manufactured? This model is one of the cordless Best Lawn Mowers. The motor which is used inside this lawn mower is brushless, and due to that, the efficiency of this mower has increased a lot. Plus the batteries which are being used in it are made of lithium ion, and its value is of about 40-ampere hours. This is the finest piece of mower ever manufactured by GreenWorks, they have put a lot of hard work to give it a final shape. This lawn mower is just filled with all the features of all the models ever manufactured by the GreenWorks.

All in One

This lawn mower is perfect for any type of lawn, and all this is happened due to the 16 inch of the deck which cuts the grass to the perfect state. Plus for the rough grounds, there is also a feature known as adjustable height, in which you can change the height of this mower. And for this purpose, there are also 5 different states of height according to your ease. And according to GreenWorks 25322 Review, these Best Lawn Mowers can be used in any kind of environment, and that is just possible due to large wheels on all four sides.


The diameter of front wheels are 6 inches and of the rear wheels are 7 inches. Furthermore, the handle can also be adjusted according to your height, and it can also get folded when you have to put the mower in some congested storage. Due to the introduction of this lawn mower, The United States of America gets a lot of benefits. We all know that oil comes from the fossils inside the earth, and no doubt there are so many reserves of oil inside the earth, and that is also the truth that someday this oil will be finished. So we all should find ways to save as much oil as we can. And this is the main aim of GreenWorks to free the world from wasting fuel, as just for the lawn mowers every year 800 million gallons of fuel is consumed. And this figure is just for one country.


So now the first thing which you should do is to purchase this mower from Lowes, and if features are complicated for you, then for your ease there is also a manual available. There is no machine in this world which is free from any kind of faults, even minor but faults are present in every machine. So according to GreenWorks 25322 review, this mower also has some like, due to its high power consumption the battery is drained real quickly, but it takes some time to charge it again. And due to so many features added to it, the total weight of this mower has also been increased, which has made it difficult to carry around.